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Discover the Easy Way to create an immediate income by selling web sites and website hosting with very little work using a proven and easy to follow system I know will work for you.

You too can become a Website Sales Pro!
all you need is a proven system that works

I know it works because I created this system. I had to, I own a successful web site design and hosting company and it didn't get built by itself. In fact, I have been using this system myself for over four years and teaching it to others for over two years. So here is the Good News, if it has already proven to be successful system for these other people then it can surely be successful for you.

Now I will share my secrets of success with you and once you start applying this proven system, the same system I use to to this day to sell web sites, then you will able to start off on the right foot and not waste 2 years and 10 months trying to create your own system. Trust me, I've already done the work for you and it's guaranteed to work.

If you are just new to selling, having never sold anything in your life, then this is a must read for you because this will show you a very simple system to get started, provide you with easy to follow instructions, and give you the tools needed to make it easy, including the infamous A thru Z guide (2005 edition).

If you are already familiar with sales and have successfully sold other items like real estate, home loans, door-to-door sales, or selling things over the telephone then this is definitely a must read for you so that you are not wasting days, weeks, and hours developing bad habits. Why waste time when you can be making money quickly? In just twenty minutes of reading this you will know what to do to get started right, how to do it, and what results you can expect.

If you have ever had a job working on the telephone, using a script, and have not ever had to collect payment from the person on the other end of the phone then this guide will help you tremendously by providing you with an already proven to be successful script for how to get their attention and interest, how to qualify the client, how to get them to agree to a presentation, how to follow-up with them, how to get a commitment to buy, and a script on how to present the website, close the sale, overcome objections, and collect payment.

How would you like to make about $5,000 per month and build a residual income?
(yeah that sounds good and that is just the beginning since your residual income can make it grow)

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